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Punjab Healthcare Commission PHC Jobs 2023


The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) is an independent regulatory authority that aims to improve the quality of healthcare services in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The organization employs professionals from various fields and offers career opportunities in different roles and positions.

Punjab Healthcare Commission PHC Jobs 2023

Some of the career opportunities that may be available at the Punjab Healthcare Commission include:

  1. Managerial Positions (Director, Deputy Director, Manager)
  2. Inspectors
  3. Quality Assurance Officers
  4. Legal Advisors
  5. IT Specialists
  6. Communication Specialists
  7. HR Officers
  8. Research Analysts
  9. Data Entry Operators

To find out more about the latest career opportunities at the Punjab Healthcare Commission, you can visit their official website or check job portals and classified ads. You can also contact the organization’s HR department for further information about the application process and requirements.


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